Envelopes • Style Four
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Envelopes • Style Four

Regular price $2.50
Hand lettered envelopes are a lovely way to make your snail mail personalized and stand out. Please message me for current turn around times. 
• Pricing •
$2.50 per outer envelope 
$1.00 per inner envelope (inner is name only)
$1.50 per RSVP Envelope
• Ordering •
What I need to know!
1. What products you will need hand lettered (outer, inner, rsvp)
2. How many total envelopes you need addressed
3. Envelope and ink color
4. Requested date for envelopes to be returned to you

• Process • 

1. Email me so we can discuss details and my current turn around time
2. I'll create a custom listing for you to purchase on my website
3. You will send me all of the envelopes + an additional 20% for human error & your guest list (via email preferred).
• More Information •

1. I will notify you when your order is complete, and also provide tracking of your package. Shipping will range from $5-$15 if located in the U.S. (100 envelopes = $10 shipping).
2. If you'd like me to provide envelopes please message me so we can discuss details and I can add to the total cost.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

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